Hi There,

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this post (and it’s not boring and long winded like I’m making it sound out to be!), I want to take a quick second to introduce myself. My name is Kelly Forgala (recently changed from Watters) and I am Pop Up Weddings Manitoba’s Wedding Coordinator. I have been in the event industry for eight years now, but ask anyone of my family and they will tell you that I have been planning, delegating and taking charge since the moment I could walk and talk! It is what I LOVE to do, and I would be ECSTATIC to assist in designing, creating, and executing your special day!

Now back to the article!

At the beginning of November I was sent a link to this article for a good chuckle… and as a recent newlywed, did I ever chuckle!

17 Assumptions Modern Newlyweds are Sick of People Making About Their Marriages

As a newlywed myself, a few of my favorites are:

#2, 5, 10, 15 – STOP asking us if we are going to have babies! I think I get asked this question a least once a day, and I respond with the same answer… a fake laugh and awkward conversation changer. End of #10 tells it straight up!

#7 – Netflix and Chill – LOL!

#8 – OH MY GOOSH! It never ends! BUT, never ever forget to write a thank you note. The simple gesture goes a long way to those family and friends who went out of their way and celebrated your day and/or gave thoughtful gifts.

#16 – People…. We have a house, dog, cat and have lived together for a longtime now, and you all know this, so what do you expect has changed?! Yes, I still say “Your turn to do dishes” and yell at the dog to stop tormenting the cat… we went right back into routine after our big day, but there is nothing wrong with that! I love my life and all the craziness it entails, I was excited to fall back into routine.

#17 – Our animals keep us just busy enough!

Basically what I’ve said is that 1 thru 17 is great!