Pop Up Weddings is thrilled to announce our new packages for 2019!

Our Pop Up Wedding Ceremonies occur in the some of the best venues Winnipeg has to offer! We provide lavish ceremony styling and decor in keeping with the year’s most fashionable trends! Each ceremony package includes individual and unique bride and groom floral, personalized vows, marriage commissioner, professional photography complete with all high res images, ceremony playlist and your very own onsite wedding coordinators.

All Pop Up Ceremony Packages are booked by 30, 60 and 90 minute slots. This means there is no rush, and plenty of time for your precious ceremony, well wishes and photo shoot! Each couple receives ample time for their ceremony and professional photography, with plenty transition time for next booking arrivals. Easy Peasy! And easy on your pocket book too!

Why not say no to the stress, and make it a Pop Up Wedding! Choose the style that best suits your personality to create a memorable and stylish celebration!

Tiptoe Through the Tulips – April / May 2019 *Call for Preferred Dates!

Botanical Garden Delight – July 2019 *Call for Preferred Dates!

Autumn Bliss – September 2019 *Call for Preferred Dates!

Halloween Fairy Tale – October 2019 *Call for Preferred Dates!

New Years Eve Sparkle & Shine – December 31, 2019